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About our law firm

Through Services Juridiques Laliberté (“SJL”), Me Renaud Laliberté (“I”) offer an in-house legal counseling approach to a wide range of companies, from SMBs, to distinguished large multi-national companies listed in the prestigious Fortune 500.

I approach each company with a custom method depending on the specific needs and requirements at hand, ensuring that I am providing high quality results while remaining the best value in the market.

From acting as a small to medium-sized company’s General Counsel or acting as an In-House Counsel, to integrating my skills and expertise into that of a larger corporate legal team in either a leadership or temporary capacity, I offer flexibility and adaptability in every situation.

With years of experience in in-house legal counseling and acting General Counsel or acting In-House Counsel, I offer an approach which is all-encompassing in the services I provide, offering a well-rounded legal background as well as a recognized legal department management skillset. My approach is holistic, human-oriented, and management-based, so that I can operate as if I was part of your company rather than an outside professional service.

I pride myself on my transparent approach and clear communication during all points of our interaction, allowing you, the clients, to feel fully informed and empowered legally as soon as I come on board. In addition to professional dialogue throughout our working relationship, I give my clients insight into my work with an online client dashboard.

I am specialized in the following fields:

  • International Trade Law, especially in a B2B capacity
  • Cross-border licensing contracts between companies
  • Software, manufacturing and innovation industries
  • Interaction with Fortune 1000 companies

A Word on Me Renaud Laliberté

Me Renaud Laliberté is a recognized name in the international software and manufacturing industry with years of experience gained in top tier law firms, in-house counsel leadership positions, and acting in-house counsel for Fortune 500 companies. He has worked on many challenging cases involving complex international licensing agreements, making him an expert in this field. Additionally, Renaud has a special aptitude for working with innovative companies looking to license intellectual property. His experience working within the Fortune 1000 realm also gives his clients an advantage when looking to sell their products and services to those distinguished companies.

For more information on my firm and how I can assist your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Based in the Old Port of Montreal, Canada, Renaud is fluent in both French and English. By extension, our legal services are offered in both languages, giving an advantage to those looking to expand their enterprises beyond the border.

For more information on my firm and how I can assist your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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