Lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights and licensing agreement review

Entering into a license agreement can be a pivotal moment for any business, and certainly requires the utmost care and attention provided by a seasoned legal professional. Please see below what Me Renaud Laliberté (hereafter “I”) can do for you.

  • Protection

With a demonstrated history of successfully closing long-term deals, rest assured I have the knowledge and experience needed to protect your assets while entering into a license agreement with another party. When working for you, I make sure that fundamental issues concerning license grant, intellectual property rights, warranties, liability, and more are properly addressed with both the short and long term in mind, making sure the success and motivation behind the agreement are not compromised.

From the draft stage through review, amendment and final negotiations, I manage my clients’ interests with the utmost care, ensuring they feel comfortable and in control every step of the way.

  • Bespoke Solutions

The business world today has become very challenging and I have adapted to create unique and custom services that will fit even the most complicated scenarios. I don’t want companies to hold back on their aspirations due to the complexity associated with handling a legal department, but rather achieve their goals with my help. Whatever the size of your organization, please check my SMBs and Large Corporation pages to see what I can tailor for you.

If your business model is based on licensing your solutions to your clients, I offer all-in-one contract management solutions incorporating and improving your processes of drafting, reviewing, and negotiating your deals. I keep your company and interests at the forefront of all I do, acting as an appendage to your operations, not an outsider.

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  • International and Cross-border Expertise

Today we live in a very global and interdependent economy. If a client’s business leads them beyond borders, my legal advice can follow, as I have a recognized specialization in international trade law and contract agreements. I excel among my peers at the drafting, reviewing, and negotiation of agreements between two parties from different countries. This creates new opportunities for my clients to capitalize on and use to expand. Your only limitation is your sales force.

  • Sales cycle acceleration

Certain industries have specific risks and needs to be considered during the license agreement process, such as ones involved in software, manufacturing or innovation technology in general. Intellectual property negotiations require special attention, especially when defining something completely new. Relying on outdated terms and conditions or having trouble trying to make your interests fit into your client’s templates can lead to a long and frustrating sales cycle. In this context, if you are trying to sell your products and services to a large company, you need a market savvy attorney which knows exactly what will go through your client’s legal department without problem.

Having closed hundreds of deals in both the software and manufacturing industries with Fortune 1000 companies, you’ll without doubt see a shorter negotiation process when profiting from the experience I gained while working with other renowned players in these very challenging and exciting industries.

For more information on my firm and how I can assist with license agreement reviews, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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